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Updated: December 2, 2004

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African American History

African American World Timeline
A comprehensive timeline of African American History from the 1400s to the present.

The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords
A companion web site to the PBS documentary film that celebrates the history of America 's black newspapers. Includes biographies of contemporary journalists like Jill Nelson, Ellis Cose and Ed Bradley.

Negro League Baseball
Current and historic information about the Negro Leagues and their ballplayers. Online sales of books and sportswear.

The 1943 Detroit Race Riots
Black-white tensions erupted in Detroit during the summer of 1943. The Detroit News provides background information and photographs of the riots.

The African American Registry
Bills itself as “the largest African American History web site in the world.” Features include This Date In History, What Happened on Your Birthday?, and Today's Poetry or Lyrics.

“To Serve The People”: The Black Panther Party's Struggle for Social Change
The history of The Black Panther Party with photographs and readings.

Welcome to Seneca Village
Uses primary resources to tell the history of Seneca Village , Manhattan 's first significant community of African Americans.

Celebrating Black History
Features black cultural and political history from the pages of Time Magazine. Illustrated with photos from Life Magazine.

African Presence in America Before Columbus
An African presence, not as slaves, but explorers and traders at the time of the Olmec Civilization, the first in the Americas.

Afro-American Almanac
“A historical perspective of a nation, its people, and its cultural evolution.”

Black Facts Online
Today in Black History. Database is searchable by date and word.

This Week in Black History
Updated by Friday morning for the next week’s dates in Black History by Charles L. Isbell, Jr. at MIT.

Black History: Exploring African American Issues on the Web
Learning experiences include study guides, a treasure hunt and a quiz. Hotlist Collection of Internet Sites links to other Black History sites.

Beyond Black History Month
The African American Studies Toolkit for Grades 6-12. Created by Wisconsin' Gerri Gribi. School Library Journal's Site of the Week for December 17, 2002.

Our Shared History: African American Heritage
Tools for Learning from the National Park Service.

Freedom: A History of US
Resources from the PBS series based on Joy Hakim’s story of freedom in America. Especially innovative: interactive games and quizzes.

The African American Registry
This Date in History from the African American perspective and experience.

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More interesting sites you might want to try.

Portals to Black History

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