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Updated: July 21, 2004

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Choosing a Pet

Choosing and Caring for a Pet
Thinking about getting a pet? Visit this page first. Includes great links on choosing and buying a pet.

American Pet Association
The one stop site for future pet owners. Look here to select a breed, locate a breeder, or find a vet.

American Kennel Club
Official AKC list and descriptions of recognized dog breeds. The life with dogs section has everything you could possibly want to know including Dog 10 Commandments and A Dog's dogma.

Cat Breeds
An index of cat breeds. If you're thinking about buying a cat, use this index to see which cat breed is best for you and your family.

Bird Breeds
An index of domesticated bird breeds.

Exotic Pets
Look here if your pet interest lies beyond dogs and cats. Includes links to sites about nearly every domesticated animal.

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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