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Updated: November 30, 2004

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Field Notes: Check out PortalWisconsin's Visual Arts page for a list of upcoming arts events in Wisconsin, web sites, organizations, and classes for all ages. This is a fantastic site!

Wisconsin Trail Mix
Did you know about these Wisconsin web sites?

Wisconsin Art On-Line
Wisconsin On-line provides an extensive overview of art activities and calendar of events throughout Wisconsin. Make sure you choose ART from the subject list on the Wisconsin On-line homepage to find out information on galleries, and various other art links. This web site is excellent for the avid art enthusiast!

Roadside Art On-Line
Have you ever heard of Fred Smith's Concrete Park in Northcentral Phillips or of the Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin? If not, this is the perfect web site for the daring art adventurer looking for weird and interesting roadside attractions, architecture, and museums in Wisconsin. This is a must see!

Wisconsin's Architecture and History Inventory (AHI). This search engine provides historical and architectural information on approximately 120,000 properties in Wisconsin including information on wide range of historic properties such as round barns, log houses, metal truss bridges, small town commercial buildings, and Queen Anne houses.

Wisconsin's State Register of Historic Places Basic information about State Register and National Register listed resources in Wisconsin. Examples of listed properties include historic districts, individual buildings, parks, bridges, locomotives, and archaeological sites.


Check out some of Wisconsin's very own galleries and museums:

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