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Updated: July 22, 2004

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Field Notes:Travel by car is a Wisconsin tradition that is practiced year around. Explore the sites below to learn more about how to utilize your vehicle and enjoy everyday and weekend life in the Dairy State.

Wisconsin Trail Mix
Did you know about these Wisconsin web sites?
Wisconsin Department of Transportation
Motor vehicles are the dominant form of travel in Wisconsin and the popularity of travel by car continues to grow every year. The WisDOT is also a major advocate for safety. The department is working to reduce fatalities with programs to increase seat belt use, reduce impaired driving, and educate motorists of all ages.

Traffic and Construction In The Great Lakes Area
The Great Lakes Information Network (GLIN) is a partnership that provides one place online for people to find information relating to the binational Great Lakes-St. Lawrence region of North America. GLIN offers a wealth of data and information about the region's environment, economy, tourism, education and more.

Keep up with the most current fuel prices as you travel to work and play.

Where to Find Wisconsin Road Maps
Create Personalized WI Road Maps, City Street Maps, And WI Travel Directions To Quickest Or Shortest Route.

Wisconsin Newspapers-Transportation Classifieds

Other Interesting Wisconsin Sites

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