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Updated: February 17, 2004

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General Business Resources

Wall Street Research Network
Features news, charts, research reports, SEC documents and statistical analysis. Good for investing info, news research, historical information, etc.

U.S. Department of Commerce
Get assistance, access information on patents and trademarks, explore international trade. You will also have access to other Commerce Organizations, such as the Economic Development Administration, Bureau of Economic Analysis, Minority Business Development Agency, etc.

Put out by the same folks that handle money magazine, this site offers basic, general information on all sorts of business topics ranging from retirement planning calculators to providing basis tax advice.
You will find breaking news from CNNfn, information about Fortune 500 companies, and columns from Fortune Magazine.

Smart Pros Accounting Resources
Good resource for professionals or those trying to keep up to date with the latest accounting news. From the home page you can choose an area of interest ranging from accounting and auditing to tax or technology. In each respective area you get breaking news as well as specific insights on those topics.

The Corporate Library
This sight is an independent investment research firm specializing in corporate governance and board effectiveness. General content is free, advanced research restricted to subscribers only. Touches on Sarbanes-Oxley Act and it's impact on companies, as well as addressing issues of corporate management's accountability to shareowners.

Corporate Information
This site provides over 350,000 company profiles, as well as business information about particular industries and countries. Free research reports are even available for 15,000 companies. An abundance of useful information combined with an easy to navigate interface make this site one of the best destinations for in-depth company research.
Created by the makers of the software package by the same name, this is a great site that surprisingly doesn't contain a lot of blatant advertising. Here you can find out the latest business news, estimate taxes, get advice on mortgage and insurance and even find out banking news. It has good tips for small business and the individual investor. Easy to use and understand. Better for the beginner to intermediate than the expert who may find it too basic.

Dowjones reference
Here you can do business and industry research as well as read the latest business news, get market news and Wall Street Journal highlights. A particularly nice option is the industry pages which give the latest info for that particular industry as well as provide forums to discuss hot topics.


The Hoovers electronic company directory allows you to quickly research companies and industries. More than a simple listing of company profiles, this diverse site provides news about IPOs and provides access to many other investor resources. Annual Directory
Browse the Forbes 500 list by rank or search the full list to find the company in which you are interested. You can also try the 500s Map, Bubbles and Busts, or download the list to your own computer.

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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