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Updated 6 January 2005

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Home Schooling

Homeschool in Wisconsin

Home School Legal Defense Association
This organization has published many articles on homeschooling in Wisconsin and other states.

Wisconsin Parent's Association
Political, inclusive homeschooling organization that tracks legislation pertinent to homeschooling.

Home-Based Private Education Program (Home Schooling in Wisconsin)
The Department of Public Instruction does not provide personal consultation and technical assistance but at this site you will find telephone numbers and methods to obtain P1-1206 forms.

Homeschooling Enrollment Statistics in Wisconsin
Enrollment for the Home-based Private Educational Program is available by CESA, GRADE LEVEL, and by PUBLIC SCHOOL DISTRICT. Data is available in Excel and Portable Document Format (PDF). You will have to have these applications available on your computer.

Part-Time Attendance & Applicable Statutes (Wisconsin)
Questions and answers at this site deal with the part-time attendance of students in school districts.

American Homeschool Association
The American Homeschool Association (AHA), is a service organization created in 1995 to network homeschoolers on a national level. Current AHA services include an online news and discussion list which provides news, information, and resources for homeschoolers, media contacts, and education officials. It also contains favorite quotes & excerpts.

A to Z Home's Cool Homeschooling Web Site
A homeschooling web favorite.

HomeSchool Zone
This site has a large collection of suggested readings for curriculum, different age levels, events and suggested activities for the week.

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More interesting sites you might want to try.

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