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Updated: November 1, 2004

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Entertainment News

Ain't it Cool News
Resource for the latest information about American films, videos, and both network and cable television industries. Features new upcoming movies, reviews of recent theatrical releases and repertory screenings, several reader forums, reports from film festivals, an archive of past articles, and links to similar sites.

Hollywood Online
News, chat, clips, bios, synopses of classics as well as current films, and links to buying videos.

Movie Pal
Fan page with links to sites on many actors, directors, and production people in the film industry. Provides specific information on numerous classic films as well as an extensive movie poster gallery.

New York Times
Find out what's happening in the entertainment world.

A site which provides hyperlinks to media-focused stories on the sites of online newpapers, magazines and other publications, along with the summaries of stories. This site was formerly called Media Gossip.

Star Seeker
This resource covers 1000s of TV, movie and music stars from around the world. The information includes links to fan sites, official celebrity sites, industry organizations, festivals, entertainment news and newsgroups.

Box Office
Box Office Charts
Here you'll find a list of the most recent champs at the U.S. box office.

Box Office Guru
Comprehensive guide to recent fiscal activity of the American film industry. Offers a weekly report of the highest-earning films and an extensive database of box office figures for feature films from 1989 to the present, and records of film grosses indexed and charted in several different categories. Also provides an archive of previous box office reports and linkds to other entertainment industry sites.

Box Office Mojo
A box office reporting service which collects data directly from the studios.

Box Office Prophets
A web site dedicated to the analysis of the film industry, including reviews, commentary, previews, and box office analysis.
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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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