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Updated: November 1, 2004

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Movie Reviews

Rotten Tomatoes
A favorite source for movie reviews from the nation's top critics. Makes reviews easily accessible.

A great place to find local theater showtimes in your neighborhood just by entering your zip code. Also has the largest interactive movie listing guide and ticketing service in the country. It provides millions of moviegoers each week with a complete, free directory of movies, showtimes, theater locations, the ability to purchase tickets in advance, and original movie content, news and reviews.

Internet Movie Database (IMDb)
The Internet Movie Database is one of the oldest and largest movie database and search engines on the web. It is an invaluable source for tracking down hard to find films, movies or television shows. Includes quotes from films, biographies of cast members, and movie plots.

The New York Times: Movies
Browse or search more than 5,000 New York Times movie reviews. Included in the free review archive are all films reviewed since 1983.

Box Office Prophets
A web site dedicated to the analysis of the film industry, including reviews, commentary, previews, and box office analysis.

Roger Ebert on Movies
Movie reviews from Roger Ebert, the Chicago Sun-Times film critic. Includes current and past reviews, plus Ebert's all-time favorites.

Yahoo Entertainment-Movies and Film
A place to find movie showtimes and monthly schedules for future movie releases. A great site for the internet amateur who can point and click but really doesn't understand search engines very well. Yahoo does indexing that allows browsing in a focused way.

All-Movie Guide
One of the largest and most complete film and video databases. It gives cast and production credits, awards and related movies. Also tells if a title is available in the DVD format. Has a film glossary to help you understand industry terms.

The Big Screen Cinema Guide
Movie schedules and information.

Reviews every movie released in Great Britain, gives box office information and relates news pertaining to the film industry.

Entertainment Weekly Online
Here's where you'll find Entertainment Weekly magazine. You can find the text of the magazine as soon as the issue is no longer on newsstands. You can also search for articles from previous issues.
Collection of film and video criticism with supporting material on the entertainment industry and film festivals. Presents previews of soon-to-be released features, several discussion lists on current issues, and RealVideo clips of movie trailers, excerpts, and some short films. Also contains a schedule of movies on television and a virtual store that sells sound tracks, videos, and other merchandise.

The Flick Philosopher Girl Movie Critic
One of the best movie sites to review films from a woman's point of view.
Find out which theater and what the showtimes are for your favorite movie. It has a great search engine for movies and movie related subjects.

Metacritic Film
Takes reviews from 35 major publications then assigns a score from 1 through 100 for a Metascore for each film. It also lists all time high and low scores so you can determine some of the best and worse movies. There are Metascores for music CDs at this site as well.

Movie Review Query Engine
Provides quick, thorough searching for movie reviews. Get reviews from all the major reviewers and reviewing sources.

The site for the popular interactive movie magazine with everything from previews to reviews.
Looking for your next favorite movie? Not sure if the studio hype about a movie is really true? End the frustration -- with Reel's Movie Matches!

DVD Review
Click on the link to 'Hidden Features' then read about Easter Eggs, or concealed extras, in some of your favorite DVD movies.

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