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Updated: February 13, 2005

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Biographies of GLBT People
The Famous, Soon to be famous, and the Hopeful
(all of them fabulous!)

These lists are not comprehensive, they're not intended to be so. I've focused on listing people who have been important in their work and for whom I've been able to locate a personal website maintained by the individual, a website with great depth and reliability, information from the Gale reference databases, and appropriate links to the materials available for loan from the libraries in the Outagamie-Waupaca and Nicolet Library Systems.

The inclusion of a person in the lists below does not imply that the libraries in the OWLSnet system own materials by and/or about them. These lists and links are primarily for your awareness, and for your study/reading/listening pleasure etc.

Note: to access articles from the Gales databases, you will be prompted for your library card. Your local library must subscribe to these databases for you to have access.)


About...........materials about the author, etc. available for loan from the OWLSnet libraries
By................materials by the author, etc. available for loan from the OWLSnet libraries
GLRC..........Gale Literature Resource Center
GBRC..........Gale Biography Resource Center
PW...............Personal Website created by or for the person
IW................Important Website (in my opinion).


  Sport book Library Holdings article Gale Databases Websites
Camilla Andersen Handball     PW, IW, IW
Eric Anderson Track & Field By, About   PW
Billy Bean Baseball By, About GBRC IW, IW
Mark Bingham Rugby     PW, IW
Glenn Burke Baseball   GBRC IW
John Curry Figure Skater   GBRC IW, IW
Chris Dickerson
Bodybuilding     IW, IW
Robert Dover Equestrian     IW, IW
Nancy Drolet Hockey     IW
Justin Fashanu
Soccer     IW, IW
Rudy Galindo Ice Skating By, About GBRC PW
Gina Guidi Boxing     IW, IW
Jordan Goldwarg Nordic Skiing     IW
Bruce Hayes Swimming     IW, IW
Savoy Howe Boxing     IW, IW
Mia Hundvin Handball     IW
Patrick Jeffrey Swimming   GBRC IW
Rosie Jones Tennis     IW
Billie Jean King Tennis By, About GBRC IW
Dave Kopay Football By, About GBRC IW,IW
Marc Leduc Boxing     IW
Greg Louganis Diving By, About GBRC PW
Conchita Martinez Tennis   GBRC IW, IW
Amelie Mauresmo Tennis   GBRC PW, IW
Lindsy McLean Football     IW, IW
Holly Metcalf Rower     IW, IW
Ryan Miller Snowboarding     PW, IW
Chris Morgan Weightlifting     PW, IW
Martina Navratilova Tennis By, About GLRC, GBRC IW, IW
Mariah Burton Nelson Basketball   GBRC PW
Jana Novotna Tennis   GBRC IW, IW
Brian Orser Ice Skating   GBRC IW, IW, IW
Dave Pallone
Baseball By, About GBRC PW
Bob Paris Bodybuilding By, About GBRC PW, IW
David Pichler Diving     PW, IW
Ryan Quinn Nordic Skiing     IW, IW , IW
Ian Roberts Rugby   GBRC IW
Patty Sheehan Golf   GBRC IW, IW
Jerry Smith Football   GBRC IW
Muffin Spencer-Devlin Golf   GBRC IW, IW
Mark Tewksbury Swimming   GBRC IW, IW, IW
Bill Tilden Golf   GBRC IW, IW
Esera Tuaolo Football     IW, IW
Michele Van Gorp Basketball     IW, IW
Dan Veatch Swimming     IW, IW
Tom Waddell Track & Field By, About GBRC IW, IW

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