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Updated: November 27, 2004

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General Sites

Damron Online
Called by Frommer's Travel Books as one of the most important travel guides for gay men and lesbians.  A one-stop directory for the gay or lesbian traveler.  A few parts require subscribing, but most sections are free.

Gay Travel Network
Gay Travel Network is a full-services travel agency. In addition to facilitating booking for your own adventure, they specialize in bringing together the travel packages offered by major GLBT travel packagers like those listed below under Tours. This is a great one stop shop to see what travel packages are available.

Gay Travel News
This website is the official arm of the Travel Alternatives Group. One of the main services the TAG offers in a Gay-friendly Accomodations Directory. Before a hotel will be listed, the hotel has to identify key criteria which include employment policies, services, domestic partner benefits, sensitivity training, and support returned to the gay community.

Guide Magazine's Travel Sites
A listing of current attractions & activities at many of the major tourist destinations.

This site hosts a database of glb-friendly travel agents.

Yes, like the publisher Alyson, this lesbian music producer has revamped itself into a travel service. The focus is on cruises, but they also offer a host of other options.

Our World
Our World is a magazine devoted to gay travelers.  You'll find several of the printed articles on the website giving you a good feel for what to expect while traveling to a particular site.

Out & About
Out & About is the other magazine devoted to gay travelers.  It has a great world-wide listing of activities of interest to gays & lesbians.  It also lists many tours developed for the glb crowd.  Perhaps most importantly you'll find relevant health information here.

QT seems to be pretty new, but the quality of the articles is impressive. It also seems to have a lot of information about wide variety of different types of travel specials. Definitely worth looking at.


TAG (Travel Alternatives Group)
TAG is a consortium of hotels that pledge their properties are sensitive to the needs of gay travelers.

@Home Around the World
@home around the world is a gay owned and operated international home swap, guest and host service, bringing adventure and a new sense of direction to gay travel.

Love camping? Want to look up and see the stars at night and not a ceiling? This website is devoted to campgrounds across the United States that specialize in gay & gay-friendly camping.

Another site that enables you to swap your home or apartment for someone else's; Diggville is part of the Home Swap Network which is affiliated with (the Gay Financial Network).

Gay Hotel Network
If you know where you want to go, but are looking for gay-friendly accomodation, this site might help.
Another worldwide booking site for gay friendly hotels

Mi Casa Su Casa
Another worldwide home swapping network devoted to gays & lesbians.

Rainbow Destinations
A directory of B&Bs that are either gay-owned or welcome gay & lesbian guests.

Purple Roofs
Purple Roofs provides a directory of gay & lesbian and glbt-friendly accommodations around the world.


Columbia Funmaps
Maps of major cities of the world w/ sites labeled of interest to gay men and lesbians.


Above and Beyond Tours
Specializing in the South Pacific, Europe, Costa Rica & Brazil.

Alyson Adventures
Sasha Alyson sold Alyson Publications to Liberation Press in order to develop a series of "traveling adventures" primarily for gay men.

Tours and cruises for gay men & lesbians.  Some quite adventurous.

David Tours
Luxury tours for gay & lesbian travelers

Footprints Travel
Footprints offers travel packages for the very adventurous gay & lesbian who isn't quite comfortable going into the jungles on their own.

Out West Adventures
If whitewater rafting or mountaineering in Alaska is more up your alley, you'll want to check out Out West Adventures' site.

PrideWorld Travel
Worldwide vacations for gay and lesbian travelers.

R Family Vacations
R Family Vacations creates family friendly vacations designed especially for the gay and lesbian community. Got kids? This is a great place to start planning.

RSVP Cruises
RSVP is specializes on cruises for gay & lesbian folk only.

Undersea Expedition
Exclusive gay & lesbian scuba diving trips.

Cultural and easy adventure tours for gay & lesbian travellers

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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