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Updated 7 January 2005

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Wisconsin No Call List registration: If you registered in 2003 you must register again. Visit this site to request no solicitation calls.

Wisconsin Trail Mix
Did you know about these Wisconsin web sites?

Wisconsin Bluebook
The 2003-2004 Wisconsin Bluebook is located here with factual information about the state, its legislators, constitution, state and local governments, etc.
The Wisconsin portal has state and local government information accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There are also quick links to Employment information in Wisconsin, Licensing and Permitting, Health & Human Services,Consumer Information, Build Your Business,State Tax Information,Living in Wisconsin, Directories and Lottery Results.

Wisconsin Legislature
The Wisconsin Legislative Reference Bureau has developed a site compiling links to legislators, upcoming legislative activities, Committees and links to previous sessions, the Blue Book - Biennial almanac of Wisconsin government and much more.

Wisconsin List of Agencies
Whatever Wisconsin government agency, board, commission or department you are looking for, you'll find it right here in this alphabetical index.

Demographic Services Center
Designed to develop annual total population estimates for all towns, villages, and cities, this center also makes annual estimates of the voting age population for all municipalities and total population estimates for Zip Code Areas in Wisconsin. In addition, this organization develops population projections by age and sex for the counties; population projections of total population for all municipalities; and estimates of total housing units and households for all counties.

Department of Administration.
This agency provides the governor with fiscal management information and the policy alternatives required for preparation of Wisconsin's biennial budget. In addition, it is responsible for providing a wide range of support services to other state agencies, and it operates and maintains the state's buildings, including the State Capitol.

Department of Public Instruction
The Wisconsin state agency responsible for public education, public libraries and the Schools for the Visually Handicapped and the Deaf.

Vital Statistics
This page provides access to statistical information based on vital records (records of birth, death, marriage and divorce). Statistics derived from vital records provide basic information about such topics as infant health, causes of death, and rates of marriage and divorce.

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