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Updated: January 3, 2005

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Federal Sites for Grant Seekers

Federal Agencies

The portal that is “your first click to the U.S. Government."

An electronic road map to information about Department of Health and Human Services grants as well as other federal grants.

Federal Grant Resources
Links for information about federal grants from the Small Business Administration

Nonprofit Gateway
Links to federal government information and services.

U.S. Department of Education
Finding and applying for ED grant programs. Source for grant awards announcements.

National Science Foundation
Funding opportunities, proposal preparation, award administration and data, budget request, and most importantly: deadlines and target dates.

Institute of Museum and Library Science
Source for grants to libraries and museums.

National Endowment for the Humanities
Programs, deadlines and applications.

National Endowment for the Arts
Applications and grant forms. Agency news and publications.

Sources of grant information

Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance
The first place to look for information about federal government grants. Comprehensive and authoritative.
Federal grants sorted by topic.

Federal Register Online
The official daily publication for Rules, Proposed Rules and Notices of Federal agencies and organizations. Searchable database.

Federal Government Resources: Grants, Contracts and Auctions
Federal grants available and awarded. Eligibility indexes. From the University of Michigan Documents Center.

Federal Funds Express
Where to find federal grants and how to apply for them. But that is not all. This incredibly comprehensive site also includes links to funding resources for small business and international trade and development, state and local government funding, disaster assistance, money for scholarships and information about internships and summer employment. It is topped off with demographic and statistical resources. Wow.

Congressman Howard Berman
Grant information as a constituent service from the California Congressman.

Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi
Weekly grant highlights.

Sources of statistical information

Gateway to statistics from over 100 federal agencies. Search by topic, agency, agency by subject, and geography.

Locate government information. Search for Government research and development publications.

Bureau of the Census
Population statistics by geography and category.

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Employment and labor supply statistics.

City and County Data Books
Census Bureau data for all U.S. cities and counties.

Federal, State and Local Governments
Census Bureau data for all levels of government. Includes the Census of Governments, Public Employment and Payroll data, Tax Collections, Elementary-Secondary Education and Library statistics.

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Roadside Attractions
Help in tracking government information and agencies.

OMB Watch
Promotes government accountability by tracking Office of Management and Budget activities.

HUD Clips
Keep current on funding availability from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Federal Funding Reports
A weekly compilation of items published in the Federal Register that affect federal domestic assistance programs, i.e., grants and loans programs.

Primary Source
Agency news, grant deadlines and announcement dates, as well as highlights of funded projects. From the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

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