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Updated: 14 Jan 2004

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Medical Dictionaries

Note: posted below are mainly simple dictionary sites with limited features.
You may want to try the more comprehensive
Indexes/All-In-One Sites that give you definitions and much more on any topic or condition you need information on, like:

Health & Wellness Resource Center
Has a dictionary and spellchecker but is also an excellent all-in-one site. Free to you through your library, use your library barcode to access this subscription database from home. This resource has online content and quality unavailable at free websites. Integrated features include: fulltext articles, a medical dictionary, encyclopedia, drug finder, health news, health assessment tools, directory of organizations, links to related websites, bibliographies of current relevant books on your topic, and more.

The MedTerms Dictionary
Clear, easy to find medical definitions for the layperson.

MedlinePlus Dictionaries
Links to various general medical online dictionaries.

MEL Health Dictionaries
General and specialized health dictionaries, covering: 9 foreign languages, dental terms, condition and specialty (from Alzheimer's, fertility, and cancer, to street drug slang), acronyms in healthcare, healthcare administrative usages, etc.

U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services--Dictionaries
Another listing (20 dictionaries)--some overlap with the sites above.

The Online Medical Dictionary--Graylab CancerWeb
46,000 brief health and science definitions. Great hyperlink cross references to other definitions.

Some specialized dictionaries for laypersons:
The Online Dictionary of Mental Health
RxList Drug Index
Acronyms and Initialisms for Health Information Sources
Medical Specialty Glossary (under "Find A Doctor")
Healthcare Professional Designations/Certifications(under "Find a Doctor")
Blue Cross Wis. Healthcare Glossary of Terms

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