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Updated: 19 Jan 2004

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Field Notes for Diagnostic Tools

The Index/All-in-one Sites usually have numerous self diagnostic tools, calculators, and interactive quizzes that can be quite a grab bag of topics ranging all over the board. --From all kinds of nutritional intake calculators, to diabetes, cholesterol, fitness, pregnancy, heart disease, cancer prevention, smoking, and even drug tests for teens. The Diagnostic Tools Guidepost tries to combine and summarize some of the key collections of diagnostic tools.

Note: To personalize the tools, registration is often required; so if confidentiality with your personal health details is a concern, don't supply accurate personal identification and contact information like your name, address, phone number, or email--sometimes your correct email is needed, but gauge what "required information" really is required or needs to be accurate in order for the tool to function. Also, once you've set up a profile--or customized a tool for your continued use--there may be a password to remember for future access so jot down and save these to avoid having to enter data over again.

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