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Updated: 14 Jan 2004

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Field Notes for Indexes & All-in-One Sites

The indexes are large directories of information and/or websites organized by subject.
The "all-in-one" sites tend to be indexes with many other features; one search on a topic may give you a definition, related subtopics, articles, encyclopedia entries, anatomy links, doctors in that specialty, treatments, drug information, clinical trials, news, associations, support groups, self diagnostic tools, and other resources.

Two of the best all-in-one sites:
MedlinePlus & Gale Group Databases: Health Resource Center


1. Spellcheck your search terms:
Most searches with poor results are caused by misspellings. When possible, verify spellings with a health professional first before you search for information--otherwise many sites now run automatic spell checks.
A few good ones to try: medical dictionary or CBTL's Medical Dictionaries
CBTL's All-in-One Sites - for automatic spell checks.
CBTL's Pharmacy - to look up information on drugs.

2. Learn how to avoid fraudulent information at: Who Can You Trust?

3. Research your topic using many reliable resources (not just one):
Don't give up after searching just one site, and seek help if you can't find anything useful. CBTL Health & Medicine lists the top rated and most trustworthy sites on the web.
For additional information, use Badgerlink (see CBTL's "CBTL: Other Databases"), your library's catalog, the Wiscat catalog, and your library's interlibrary loan service.

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