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Updated: 23 Nov 2004

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Health & Medicine

Best sites on current topics: Influenza (Flu) Season (Oct.-Apr.) | Pneumonia
Avian Flu (WHO) | Avian Flu / Bird Flu - CDC facts | Buying Drugs from Canada
Latest Health & Medicine News - national focus.

SARS | | Bioterrorism
Chronic Wasting Disease
| Mad Cow Disease & Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease

Who Can You Trust?:
10 Things To Know About Evaluating Medical Resources On the Web
Quackwatch: search your topic for current fraudulent claims.

Local, Wisconsin, and subject specific sites are to the left; below are key library online resources and tips for searching health topics on the web.

Gale Databases: Health & Wellness Resource Center
Excellent all-in-one site for searching any health related question.
When accessing from home, use your library barcode. Free to you only through your library, this database has online content and quality unavailable on the free web. Searching your topic will result in: a spell check of your search terms, a medical dictionary,
related subtopics, fulltext journal articles, encyclopedia, drug finder, health news, health assessment tools, directory of organizations, links to related websites, great bibliographies of current relevant books on your topic, and more.

Badgerlink: Health Source-Consumer Edition
Available online to all Wisconsin residents as part of the BadgerLink searchable fulltext and indexed magazine article databases. To access, you may need your library card barcode. See also: "Other Databases: EBSCO Magazines (via BadgerLink)".

Health & Medicine Books Online:
Residents of NE Wisconsin have online access anywhere, anytime to aprox. 8,000 netLibrary e-books accessible to them through their public libraries. Ask your local library for details.
Title Lists: Ebooks on Health & Medicine | Ebooks by Subject | Ebooks by Title

How to use the web for Health & Medicine Topics:
Start with a Search Strategy to save time and frustration.
Use the guideposts to the left for quick, subject-specific sites you can trust; or use
the Indexes / All-in-one Sites to search any medical topic.
Who Can You Trust & Quackwatch will give you a critical eye for health info. on the web.

The CBTL Health & Medicine guidepost is for informational purposes only.


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