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Updated: 07 Jun 2004

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All-in-one Sites:

Gale Group Databases: Health & Wellness Resource Center
Free to you through your library, use your library barcode to access this excellent subscription database from home. This resource has online content and quality unavailable at free websites. Integrated features include: related subtopics, fulltext journal articles, a medical dictionary, encyclopedia, drug finder, health news, health assessment tools, directory of organizations, links to related websites, great bibliographies of current relevant books on your topic, and more.

This top rated site for laypersons is from the Natl. Library of Medicine. It's thorough, authoritative, current, clear and easy to use. Search on any term or start with the health topics list. A search on a condition results in: latest related news, related articles, anatomy, treatments, current clinical trials, aspects of the condition by age group, related subtopics, specialist and organization directories, online dictionaries, encyclopedias. Also in Spanish.
Clear and lots of features. Search for information by keyword, by "Diseases and Condition A to Z", or from the "Condition Centers". Drug information, First Aid, "Personal Health Scorecard", "Disease Self Managers", "Healthy Lifestyle Planners", and more.

One of the best commercial all-in-one sites on the web--and with an alternative health focus. Offers patient advocate Dr. Dean Ornish, MD's - Lifestyle section, great condition index, tools, and many other features.

"Featuring Harvard Medical School's Consumer Health Information", although a commercial site--lots of ads and graphics--it's rich in tools and content on many topics. Features include: "Health A to Z" encyclopedia; diagnostic tools, etc. "Ask the Expert" searchable archive of patient questions, and the "Drug Resource Center" is from the "USP DI Vo. II, Advice for the Patient".

Noah (New York Online Access to Health) --also in Spanish
Award winning health resource from the librarians of New York. Excellent and vast, yet easy to use index of health topics and subtopics with very good organization and selection of sites.
Librarian's Index to the Internet: Health & Medicine
"Information You Can Trust." The health section from the award-winning searchable and annotated subject directory of Internet resources selected and evaluated by the librarians of California.
Health Finder - also in Spanish
From the U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services: comprehensive resource for links to online content and publications, websites, support groups, govt. agencies, and non-profit organizations. Very easy to use.
Alternative Health Home Page - U. of Pittsburgh
An annotated directory of sources of information on "unconventional, unorthodox, unproven, or alternative, complementary, innovative, integrative therapies". Includes practitioners' directories. See also: CBTL Health & Medicine - Alternative Health

More (reviewed) indexes / subject directories:
Internet Public Library: Health & Medical Sciences Reference
Hardin Meta Directory of Internet Health Sources - U. of Iowa
The Michigan ELibrary: Health Information Resources
HealthWeb - from the Greater Midwest Region of the National Network Libraries of Medicine
MEDEM: an information partnership of medical societies
Medical Matrix - registration is required but safe.
Commercial subject directories:
Open Directory - Health | Health/Fitness | Yahoo: Health
Specialized Indexes:
The main clinical trial resource on the web. Over 7,500 trials recruiting patients, organized by disease, category, and state. Trial profiles, contact information, background info, news, an index of current research, a current listing of newly approved drug therapies, profiles of drugs currently in clinical research.
The U. of Pennsylvania Cancer Center. The most comprehensive cancer site offers info. by cancer type, treatment options, a library, cancer resources, coping section, "Ask the Experts", clinical trials.
HIV InSite
Information on everything AIDS related. Features include the "AIDS Knowledge Database", an online question/answer service, policies, prevention, statistics, maps, a Spanish version, news, support groups, clinical trials and more.
National Health Information Center
This is a clearinghouse and referral center for 1800 organizations dealing with diseases, addictions and health care issues.
Hmong Health - in Hmong
A project of the National Library of Medicine providing health content on the web for the Hmong community. Sections include: Family Health, Healthy Living, Traditional Healing, Health Conversations, Health Illustrations, Health Dictionary, Hmong Links.

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

Some highly publicized/commercial all-in-one sites:

  • National Museum of Health and Medicine
    Est. during the Civil War as the Army Medical Museum, the museum collected specimens for research in military medicine and surgery. Today, artifacts include President James Garfield's vertebrae, complete with his assassin's bullet as well as the world's most comprehensive collection of microscopes and a collection of developmental anatomy specimens. Permanent exhibits on Civil War medicine, human anatomy, and AIDS. The site includes a guide to the collections, policies, and links to Civil War sites and the Armed Forces Institute of pathology.

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