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Updated: 14 Jan 2004

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Mental Health

See: CBTL: 9 - 11 - For information on coping & the psychological impact of terrorism.

See: CBTL: Religion & Spirtuality - For information on spirituality & religion.

See: CBTL Health & Medicine: 24 Hour Call Services & Community Links - For community hotlines and area agencies and services. Local facility: Bellin Hospital Psychiatric Center.

General Resources:

The area of mental health is so diverse, that the goal of this page is to provide you with the best, authoritative meta-sites that allow you to zero-in on the specific topics you're looking for.

The Online Dictionary of Mental Health

Natl. Library of Medicine:
Mental Health
Child Mental Health
Teen Mental Health
Developmental Disabilities
Learning Disorders

The National Institute of Mental Health - Public Resources (some materials also in Spanish)
Topical index includes: anxiety disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, bipolar disorder, borderline personality disorder, child and adolescent mental health, children & violence, depression, eating disorders, generalized anxiety disorder, learning disabilities, medications and mental disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, psychotherapy research: opportunities & questions, schizophrenia, social phobia, suicide, statistics, clinical trials, more...

NOAH: Mental Health
New York Access to Health's mental health section. Good topical index to resources beginning with general sections including: Mental Health Problems; Conditions and Disorders - children, teens, adults; Care & Treatment; Information Resources; best facilities, more.

Mental Health and Behavior (MEDLINEplus)
The National Library of Medicine's mental health information. Extensive coverage of wide range of conditions, issues, and related topics.

American Psychological Association
A searchable site, plus sections like The Help Center which includes: How to Find Help For Life's Problems, Get the Facts, Psychology at Work, Mind/Body Connection, Psychology in Daily Life, Family & Relationships, A Get-Help Guide for Teens & Young Adults, the Trauma of Terrorism, Violence Prevention Guide, more.

Caring for your Mental Health (National Mental Health Association)
This site includes fact sheets, pamphlets, discussion boards, and event calendars on mental health issues. An email contact person from the National Mental Health Association also answers questions and suggests referrals.

Internet Mental Health
Wide range of topics from the professional mental health community in Canada. Their "Internet Links" section is extensive and organized by condition, age groups, etc.

Mental Health Net
An all-in-one type site with topics coverage that includes articles, personal experiences, treatments, news, etc.


Child Abuse Prevention Network
Natl. Library of Medicine: Children, Teens, Dev. Disabilities, Learning Disorders
National Mental Health and Education Center for Children and Families
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resources
From the National Institute of Mental Health.
NOAH: Mental Health - Children
American Acad. of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry's
Facts for Families:
Extensive resource on all kinds of child and parenting and related issues, including: abuse, adoption, AIDS, bedwetting, fighting, tantrums, divorce, alcoholism, school issues, television, development, disorders, disabilities, etc.
Social Influence Issues:
The Influence of Music and Rock Videos
Children & Watching TV / TV Violence
Children & Firearms / Understanding Violent Behavior in Children & Adolescents

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