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Updated: 16 Jan 2004

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New Facility: Children's Hospital of Wisconsin - Fox Valley (Theda Clark)

See: CBTL Health & Medicine: First Aid & Safety for information on first aid & safety, environmental concerns, organic food, our modern food & meat supply, food safety, and toxicology.

SCHIP: - Insure Kids Now - Free Health Insurance for Children
Contact Wisconsin's program (BadgerCare) or make a free call: 1-800-362-3002
or 1-877-KIDS-NOW or 1-877-543-7669 for more information.
Kids that do not currently have health insurance are likely to be eligible, even if you (the parent) are working. In Wisconsin: you must have children under age 19 living with you, your income must be within the guideline limits, there is no limit on assets, you must not be covered by health insurance. Some families may need to pay a premium based on the family income/ability to pay.

General Reference Sites

Dr. Greene's HouseCalls
Practicing pediatricians provide in-depth answers to specific questions and conditions. Search results offer: alternative terms, definitions, illustrations, considerations, causes, home care, "call if", and "what to expect" instructions. Seven "Ages and Stages" ranging from prenatal to adolescence, more.
Nemours Foundation KidsHealth -- For Parents / Kids / Teens
Expert coverage on common-to-serious medical problems, emotions and behavior, infections, pregnancy and newborns, First Aid and safety, positive parenting, nutrition and fitness, news, and insurance...
MedlinePlus Children's Health
The consumer health resource from the Natl. Library of Medicine. Search on any condition; general topics include: Child Abuse / Behavior Disorders / Learning Disorders / Day Care / Dental Health / Immunization / Safety / Children's Page / Children's Health

Medem - Children's Health
American Academy of Pediatrics's consumer health coverage.

KinderStart - Children Ages 1-7
Early childhood experts staff this search engine providing information on child development for parents and teachers. Coverage includes: adoption, pregnancy, birth, bringing home baby, child development, health, medical, dental, nutrition, legal, financial, education, daycare, childcare, learning activities & crafts, society, arts & entertainment, culture, environment animal friends, family dynamics, sports & exercise, shopping, travel...

Mental Health

Child Abuse Prevention Network
Child and Adolescent Mental Health Resources
From the National Institute of Mental Health.
NOAH: Mental Health - Children

American Acad. of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry's
Facts for Families:
Extensive resource on all kinds of child and parenting and related issues, including: abuse, adoption, AIDS, bedwetting, fighting, tantrums, divorce, alcoholism, school issues, television, development, disorders, disabilities, etc.
Environmental Problems & Social Influence Issues:
Lead Exposure
The Influence of Music and Rock Videos
Children & Watching TV / TV Violence
Children & Firearms / Understanding Violent Behavior in Children & Adolescents

Special Needs's Directory of Child Health Organizations - scroll to child section.
Family Village - A global community of disability-related resources.
Open Directory's Section on Children w/Special Needs

NOAH: Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
NOAH: Autism

Children with Diabetes
For children with diabetes (and their parents), this site provides a real and comprehensive online community of resources in all life-affecting areas of diabetes that's clear, fun, easy to read, and all accessible from the first page.
National Information Center for Children and Youth with Disabilities
Exceptional Parent
The website of the magazine for parenting children or young adults with disabilities or special needs. Sections include articles, searchable discussion group archives, associations, other web resources, and expert consultation. &nbsp

More General Reference Sites:
Health/Parenting Info - Tips To Grow By The Children's Hospital of Akron
Merck Manual The Home Edition, Section 23: Children's Health Issues
Web Directories of Pediatric Sites:
NOAH's Child Health
The Michigan Electronic Library: Children and Pediatrics
The Open Directory: Child Health

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