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Updated: 27 Feb 2004

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Field Notes:
On the sites below, you'll find certified online drugstores, definitions, street drug slang, drug interactions, the generic equivalent of brand name drugs, scientific coverage of "natural" and herbal treatments, the scoop on online pharmacies, certified online pharmacies, their 24/7 online help, and more.

See also: CBTL Health & Medicine: Alternative Health

Online Pharmacies | Know Your Medicines | Drug Databases

Online Pharmacies/Drugstores
VIPPS Certified: The 13 Best Online Pharmacies/Drugstores - U.S.
To get to the actual online pharmacies, click on the "Detail" icon on the left. These are the online pharmacies that have been certified by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy. VIPPS stands for Verified Internet Pharmacy Practice Sites.

Buying Drugs from Canada: Minnesota's Guide | Wisconsin's Guide

Canadian online drugstores:

CanaRX - current supplier to the municipality of Springfield, MA - the only U.S. municipality currently supplied by Canada.

CanadaMeds - Winnipeg, Manitoba
CanadaRx - Hamilton, Ontario
Consumer Information - from CIPA: the Canadian Intl. Pharmacy Assoc.

My Pill Box - A site that creates a printable schedule of your daily medications.

Top | Online Pharmacies | Know Your Medicines | Drug Databases

Know Your Medicines
Answers to key drug and medicine questions, advice on using web sites to buy drugs, supplements, herbal remedies, treatments, etc..

If you're not sure how to spell a drug or disease name, try searching the first few letters first and try a number of different sites--they can have somewhat different coverage. Many of the sites on this page will catch misspellings and automatically run a "sounds like" search.
"Heard about it" from a friend, in the media, or elsewhere and you'd like to look into it?
Try a search on Quackwatch and/or sites on CBTL Alternative Health to check the legitimacy of popular claims regarding a treatment, drug, herb, vitamin, etc.
Adverse drug reactions:
Studies* have shown adverse drug reactions to properly prescribed medicines can hospitalize up to aprox. 2 million people a year. A preventative site to try:
How Can You Avoid Harmful Drug Interactions? (NIH)
Look up: Side Effects and Drug Interactions (Rx List)
FDA's Tips and Warnings for Buying Online
MedlinePlus: About Your Medicines
NOAH's Online Pharmacies Section - from New York's Access to Health.

Top | Online Pharmacies | Know Your Medicines | Drug Databases

Drug Databases
RxList Drug Index --one of the best drug databases on the web.
Search on over 5,000 drugs by brand and generic names (accomodates spelling errors). Updated every few days. A search on a drug results in complete summaries including drug interactions, side effects, generic equivalents, and dosages, and more. Other features: advanced search, patient education, the top 200 drugs, alternative medicine FAQs, a conditions index, and more.

MedlinePlus Drug Information
A thorough and easy to use guide to more than 9,000 prescription and over-the-counter medications. Information is easy to read, thorough, and organized by frequently asked questions. Search results use MedMaster data and the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) from the USPDI® and Advice for the Patient®.

NOAH's Drugs & Medications
Comprehensive index organized by key drug & medication questions and issues.

FDA Drug Approvals
Excellent site from FDA's CDER - the Center of Drug Evaluation & Research. Includes: new prescription drug approvals, Prescription Drug Information, the information pages for major drugs, consumer drug information, over-the-counter drug information drug safety & side effects, clinical trials information, public health alerts & warning letters, reports & publications, special projects & programs, and more.

Top | Online Pharmacies | Know Your Medicines | Drug Databases

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