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Updated: 04 March 2004

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Hmong Culture & Traditions

Hmong Cultural and Resource Center
Promotes personal development through Hmong cultural education.

Hmong Nationality Archives
Preserving the Hmong Heritage.

Lao Family Community of Minnesota: Culture, Coloring and Crafts
Fun family activities including cultural information, crafts and a downloadable coloring book!

Refugees from Laos: Historical Background and Causes
Concise history of Laos. Focuses on the causes of population displacement and the way it has affected Laos throughout history.

The Split Horn: Life of a Hmong Shaman in America
PBS documentary of the life of a Hmong family bridging the gap between traditional Hmong culture and American life.

This is home: The Hmong in Minnesota
History of Hmong people and, in contrast, their life in America. Features portraits of individual experiences. Produced by Minnesota Public Radio.

WWW.Hmong Teen Feedback page
Focuses on questions and issues asked by Hmong teenagers about the history and future of Hmong culture.

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Roadside Attractions
These sites focus on Hmong handiwork

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