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Updated: 04 March 2004

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Field Notes: Did you know Wisconsin is one of three states in the nation with the largest Hmong population? These pages will provide links to a variety of information ranging from Hmong history to current events.

Wisconsin Trail Mix
Did you know about these Wisconsin web sites?

Being Hmong Means Being Free
Wisconsin Public Television's production about the history, culture and identity of Hmong immigrants that have come to the United States.

The Changing Face of Hmong Youth
Article from the Oshkosh Northwestern.

Hmong/American Friendship Association of Milwaukee
Part of Wisconsin Partnership for Housing Development.

Hmong Culture in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Beautiful examples of traditional Hmong clothing.

Hmong Organizations Directory
Compiled by Hmong National Development, Inc.

The Hmong People in the U.S.
History of Hmong people, book reviews and news stories relevant to the Hmong community. Author, Jeff Lindsay is a resident of Appleton, WI.

Hmong Studies Journal
This journal comes from St. Paul, Minnesota. It's a great resource for recent research and articles.

Hmong Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce
Building a strong Hmong business network in Wisconsin.

John Michael Kohler Arts Center
The John Michael Kohler Arts Center is a wonderful facility with performances and classes for all ages. Located in Sheboygan, it is just a short drive away. They have an ongoing exhibit of Hmong art containing mostly textiles and jewelry from their permanent collection.

Lao Human Rights Council, Inc.
A nonprofit organization in Eau Claire. Some of their objectives include promoting the rights of Lao and Hmong people in Laos.

Wisconsin's Hmong Population
Census 2000 Populations and Trends. Prepared by the UW Extension Hmong Educational Needs Assessment.

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