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Updated: August 25, 2004

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Labor Day
Labor Day is held on the first Monday in September. This holiday, created during a time of labor unrest, has evolved from a purely labor holiday to a last fling of summer.


The History of Labor Day
How it came about and what does it mean? Look for your answers here.

Working Man's Struggle
Learn about the working man's struggle and how the workingman's holiday came to be.

The Origins of Labor Day
The origins began over 100 years ago. Legislation was passed during a time of labor unrest. Find out the reasoning behind and the problems of the time.

How labor won its day
It was May 18, 1882 when Peter McGuire introduced the idea that labor should have its own day dedicated to all who work.

The History of Observance Labor Day
Over the years Labor Day has evolved from a purely labor union celebration into a general last fling of summer festival.

Kids Work Too
Kids jobs and what you can learn from working.


Labor Day for Kids

A collection of ideas to use in homeschooling or the classroom to celebrate Labor Day.

Labor Day Crafts for Kids
Enchanted Learning has provided a great source of cfats and ideas for kids. This is a suer supported site you may be interested in supporting.


Labor Free Labor Day Menu
A menu and planning to allow you time to enjoy the celebration.



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