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Updated: February 20, 2004

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St. Patrick's Day

History and Traditions

Who was St. Patrick
A brief history of St. Patrick from his beginnings as Maewyn a pagan.

Leprechauns and Irish Luck
What exactly are Leprechauns and Little People? Doesn't everyone have the luck of the Irish?

St. Patrick's Day for Kids
Learn some about the History, Leprechauns, St Paddy's Games, Recipes, and Art.

Parades and Events

Interested in attending a parade?
Find one that fits your itinerary.

St. Patrick's in Dublin, Ireland
A one day celebration has been stretched into a week of activities.

Irish Festivals
It's the wearing of the green at different Irish festivals


Irish Fare
Some of the typical Irish dishes.

Irish Recipes
Here you'll find Pot Roasted Chicken or Lucky Pudding.

Irish Potatoe Recipes
Strictly potatoes. From soup to candy.

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