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Updated: 26 April, 2004

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Field Notes: Wisconsin's own Jung Seed Company offers many seed and plant selections. Check out the Landscape Plants of the Upper Midwest United States publication from UW Extension for good information about what works where in Wisconsin landscapes. UW Extension also maintains a nice page of timely tips for Wisconsin Gardeners.

Wisconsin Trail Mix
Did you know about these Wisconsin web sites?

Wisconsin State Herbarium at UW Madison
The state's foremost collection of botanical information is on the web, ready to help people identify everything from dandelions to the pitcher plant. Includes photos and information on all of the state's 2,563 native and naturalized vascular plants.

The Wisconsin Gardener - Wisconsin Public Television
The show provides great information specific to gardening in Wisconsin. On this site, you'll find well organized links to additional sources of information about the Wisconsin Master Gardener's program, public gardens, recipes and more.

Badger Bonsai Society
The entire site is devoted to this beautiful plant training technique. Much information specific to using local species for Bonsai.

Wisconsin Cooperative Extension Publications
PDF files for most of the hundreds of informative publications of the UWEX. Includes gardening, canning and preserving, pest control, and many other topics.

Wisconsin Urban Horticulture News
This is the most complete source of horticulture information for Wisconsin on the Internet.

Jung Seed Co.
The online version of the popular Wisconsin based seed and plant provider's catalog. Order online, or just browse the listings to gather ideas.
Wisconsin Realtors Association
You can use this site to shop for a home in Wisconsin online. Find a Realtor, learn about careers in real estate and also learn about the State of Wisconsin, too. All this and more on this site.

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