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Updated: October 7, 2002

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Home Improvement

Animated videos accompany directions for over 100 home projects and tasks, such as building a picnic table or determining size requirements for an air conditioner. Includes answers to frequently asked hardware and home improvement questions and a glossary of tools and products. How-To
Tons of information here on tools, tips and techniques on everything from kitchens, baths, lawn & garden, lighting, building projects and more! Need to know how to break up concrete? Sharpen chisels? Find a stud in your wall? It's all here.
For the real do-it-yourselfer! Estimators and calculators built into the site help you decide how much your project will cost or how much paint or wallpaper you need to buy. A free membership allows access to designer software to produce plans for building projects.

Home Ideas
Home Ideas is the place to go to request product literature for your home project before you make your purchases. Receive free catalogs and brochures sent to you by mail. It also has estimators and calculators to help you with home improvement projects such as wallpapering, etc.
Everything you need to do it yourself. A good site to check if you run into problems while attempting a home improvement project. Includes links for building or remodeling all areas of your home. Need a contractor or financing? Look here!

Better Homes and Gardens: House and Home
This site has a good breakdown of home improvement topics. Look under "Home Ideas" and pick a topic you need help with today!

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