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Updated: October 20, 2004

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Language History

Ancient Scripts of the World
An historical overview of writing systems and examples and explanations of them.

Akkadian Cuneiform
The Akkadian cuneiform script was adapted from Sumerian cuneiform in about 2350 BC. The Akkadian script was used until about the 1st century AD and was adapted to write many other languages of Mesopotamia, including Babylonian and Assyrian.

The Early History of the Indo-European Languages
Article from Scientific American, March, 1990. This article posits that the Indo-European Languages originated in Armenia. A map is included to show how these languages spread.

Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans
Read this detailed essay about Indo-European and the Indo-Europeans and trace the fascinating progression of the English language.

Micheal Palmer's Quick Overview of the History of the Greek Language
A brief introduction to the basics of the history of the Greek Language, together with added resources and links provided by Greek Language and Linguistics Gateway. (Especially see Brian Joseph's article on Ancient Greek)

Turkish Language and the Native Americans
This paper is revised from Polat Kaya, "Search For a Probable Linguistic and Cultural Kinship Between the Turkish People of Asia and the Native Peoples of Americas".

Perseus Digital Library
Tour the ancient world, read Latin and Greek texts, browse ancient art and archaelogy. To locate dictionaries, type "dictionary" under Search.

Language Museum
Arranged in language families, this site will give you insight into the relationships between different languages.

The Origin and History of the English Language
A short synopsis of the emergence of the English language with many interesting details.

History of the English Language
A thorough composite of links from Pre History up to Present-day Englishes.

Romance Languages
An encyclopedic entry detailing the differences between Romance languages and Latin, a bit of the history behind the evolution of those languages, and a listing out of all the Romance languages and dialects. (Article found below the Google Search and links.)

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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