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Updated: October 22, 2004

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Language Issues

newMeeting the Educational Needs of Hmong in Wisconsin
This report is a summary from the Hmong Educational Needs Assessment Project, which was conducted January through March, 2002. It is useful as a tool to build educational programs tailored to the specific needs of Hmong citizens.

Text Messaging
A 2/13/2003 article from, entitled R ur txt msgs :( or OK? It presents concerns some linguists have of the widespread use, among teens, of abbreviated lingo within their text messages. Is this having an effect on their writing skills? Read opposing viewpoints in this thoughtful presentation.

Languages-On-The-Web Prague Manifesto Of The Movement For the International Language of Esperanto
Parallel Texts of Esperanto and English spelling out the desires and intentions of this movement to unify the world through a common language.

Language Problems and Language Planning
This international multi-lingual journal publishes articles primarily on political,
sociological, and economic aspects of language and language use.

Language Futures of Europe
This site collects links on the language futures of Europe - on language
policy, multilingualism, global language structures, and the dominance
of English.

English in Switzerland
Visit a research project which is determining the influence of the use of English in Switzerland and how it affects national identity, Swiss public education policy and language policies in general.

Norwegian As a Normal Language
Read this insightful discourse on linguistic and cultural distinctions as a way of labeling languages vs. dialects, with Norwegian the topic at hand.

Pro English - English Languages Advocates
ProEnglish Advocates is dedicated to the promotion of English in the political, economic and intellectual life of the U.S.

U.S. English
Entrance to both U.S. English Foundation, Inc. and U.S. English, Inc. - dedicated to teaching English and promoting English as the official language in the U.S.

Ebonics Information Page
Resources provided by the Center for Applied Linguistics to inform those who have an interest in Ebonics or African American Vernacular English.

Basic Documents on Language Policy in Africa
This site provides links to conferences and meetings addressing various aspects of language policy in Africa, from standardization of orthographies to policies to favor development of African languages.

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