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Updated: February 9, 2004

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Wisconsin Law
Wisconsin Constitution
This site gives access to the text of the Wisconsin Constitution. You can search the Constitution in "Folio" format, but for the best printouts you will need the readily available software "Adobe Acrobat" installed on your computer.

Wisconsin State Statutes
The Wisconsin State Statutes are a statement of all State law.

Wisconsin Administrative Code
The Wisconsin Administrative Code, like the Federal Register, describes the regulations adopted by State agencies to implement their missions as directed by the Wisconsin legislature and the Wisconsin Statutes.

Wisconsin State Law Library
The State Law Library is charged with serving "the officers and employes of this state, attorneys and the public," and it does a good job of it. This site includes links to Wisconsin legal and government resources, to starting points for legal research, and to self-help legal guides.

Wisconsin Trail Mix
Did you know about these Wisconsin web sites?

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