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Updated: 27 January 20051

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Electronic Books

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Alex catalogue of electronic texts
Digital documents collected in the subject areas of English literature, American literature, and Western philosophy - can search the content of located texts, and search multiple documents simultaneously. Another unique feature of the Catalogue is the on-the-fly creation of PDF (Portable Document Format) files & files for PDAs.

Bartleby Library
Columbia University's project to put "great books online." Includes Inaugural addresses of U.S. Presidents.

Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web
Extensive listing of various digital text collections and resources.

Electronic Text Center (University of Virginia)
The Electronic Text Center has holdings in several languages. Many of the texts include illustrations.
Styling itself "the world's largest eBook store", commercial source for PDA books (both Palm and Pocket PC) with good selection of many new full-length fiction and nonfiction books.
Strong and flexible commercial site with ebooks for "handheld devices (Palm, Win CE, Pocket PC, Rockets, eBookMan) and personal computers." Particularly good selection of science fiction and fantasy, but developing in other areas. Short stories and novels at reasonable prices, plus free samples of award-winniing stories.

Humanities Text Initiative
This is the publicly accessible portion of the University of Michigan's Humanities Text Initiative. While subscribing universities can get more resources, this still offers substantial text, HTML and image versions of many documents, including the American Verse Project, the Middle English Collection, many Modern English works, Bibles and other writings.

Internet Public Library - Online Texts
Search a collection of over 15,000 titles or browse by author, title, subject or Dewey number. Claims to be "the most comprehensive directory to online texts available."

IPL Online Text Collections
A directory from the IPL, listing 20 other websites with full text collections.

Library of Congress
No, the Library of Congress hasn't been digitized -- yet. But here's their guide to Internet resources on "Electronic texts and publishing" -- a wonderful resource.
Nice adaptation of useful Prohject Gutenberg texts into a vaireyt of formats, most notably for PDAs. Well-designed, easy to use site.

Public domain texts and other documents formatted for PDAs (personal digital assistants, both Palm and Microsoft Reader), with some in plain text.
net Library
Our ebook vendor here at CBTL! Commercial ebook publisher, serving libraries and individuals, bur also offering "free" reading room. Users of participating Wisconsin public and academic libraries have access to many commercial titles.

On-Line Books Page
The University of Pennsylvania's On-Line Books Page (formerly at Carnegie Mellon University) contains over 13,000 freely available, full-text, significant English language books.

Project Gutenberg
The venerable grandaddy of online text projects, Project Gutenberg started in 1971 and is strongly committed to the "Plain Vanilla ASCII" text standard.

Wisconsin Electronic Reader
A cooperative project of UW-Madison Libraries and the State Historical Society, WER contains "stories, essays, letters, poems, biographies, journals, and tidbits from Wisconsin history." Fascinating contents and fun for the history buff to just browse.

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

Adobe Acrobat ebooks Central
Featuring the Acrobat ebook Reader, formerly the "Glassbook" reader -- desktop software ebook reader for Windows PCs -- free reader with titles available to try it out.

RCA now owns the former Rocketbook and Softbook products and is marketing them in updated models with published books in a more proprietary form. Step forward or step backward?

Open eBook Forum
An "association of hardware and software companies, publishers, authors and users of electronic books and related organizations whose goals are to establish common specifications for electronic book systems."
The "new face of publishing" -- interesting possibility for a way e-publishing can transform vanity press and out-of-print books.

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