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Updated: July 26, 2004

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Alternative Press

Wisconsin Alternative Newspapers

The Scene
The Fox River Valley, Wisconsin arts and cultural scene, with a dose of politics thrown into the mix. Feature story, opinion pieces, book review, video roundtable reviews, and comprehensive local arts calendar each month. Check it out to see what's happening locally.

Shepherd Express
Milwaukee's alternative paper online. News and Views, Night and Day, This and That, Events, For Adults, Classifieds, Band Guide and Best of Milwaukee.

Arts, culture and politics in Madison. Classified ads and calendar of events.

Other Alternatives

Chicago Reader
Published since 1971 as a guide to Chicago-area (which often includes southeast Wisconsin) theater, film, arts and music. Targets young people. Home of Cecil Adam’s Straight Dope, providing answers to the inane questions of our time (Are a cat’s whiskers essential to its sense of balance?). Its Job Site is eclectic, including part-time and freelance work.

Talk Left
“ Liberal coverage of crime-related political and injustice news”.

A public interest journal inspired by Thomas Paine, author of Common Sense and the Rights of Man. Features, ideas, opinions and analyses overlooked by mainstream media.

National issues and op-ed pieces on the front page; topics as diverse as voting rights, indigenous survival, and children on linked pages.

Unknown news
“The news you need, whether you know it or not.” Worldwide coverage compiled from credible sources by Helen and Harry Highwater who believe “freedom is a good idea and there ought to be more of it, not less.”
News and commentary from MoJo. Sign up for the Mo Journal newsletter or Must Reads
The internet's first investigative magazine produced by The Consortium for Independent Journalism. Focuses on American national news. Subsists on the donations of readers.
News from diverse sources covering the world in a more democratic way. Features criticism, breaking news and investigative reporting from hundreds of media organizations worldwide.

Dissent Magazine
A quarterly magazine focusing on politics and culture. Edited by Mitchell Cohen. “Independent social thought”.

“ events, issues and people that really matter.” Besides mainstream topics like entertainment, politics and science, disinformation also covers aliens, the paranormal and conspiracies.

Association of Alternative News Weeklies
Weekly excerpts from the alternative news world. Includes industry news. One great feature is On Media.

Institute for Public Accuracy
“ Seeks to broaden public discourse by gaining media access for those whose perspectives are commonly drowned out by corporate-backed think tanks and other influential institutions”.

Security-oriented news and information provided by John Young of New York City

A community of people committed to social change.

Fair coverage of the world's pressing problems. Promotes under-publicized journalistic work, particularly from young writers, to encourage debate and discussion on a wide range of issues.

In These Times
Independent news and views. Published online by The Institute for Public Affairs.

Independent Media Center
Grass roots, non-corporate coverage of the issues. "Indymedia is a democratic media outlet for the creation of radical, accurate, and passionate tellings of truth."

New American
The magazine of the John Birch Society "That Freedom Shall Not Perish."

New York Press
Home of Slackjaw - Green Bay's own rebel columnist, Jim Knipfel. First read his memoirs, bookSlackjaw and bookQuitting the Nairobi Trio, then follow his real life adventures in his New York Press column. It will be like making a new friend.

The American Conservative
Champions protectionism, opposes globalization, and is critical of corporate elites. Pat Buchanan's baby.

The Progressive
Free press watchdog, interviews with literary types, and anti-war arguments. Edited by Matthew Rothschild and based in Madison.

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More interesting sites you might want to try.

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