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Updated: July 26, 2004

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Media News, Evaluation & Criticism

Editor and Publisher
Daily headlines from the journalism industry. Features and columns include the online publishing business.

Online Journalism Review
Reports on media and technology with an emphasis on the internet as a news source. Compiled by USC Annenberg.

The latest news about television news. Spotlights local as well as national TV news.
Special feature is “Today in the Daily Briefing”, a digest of media news. Archives of the Daily Briefing offer in-depth coverage of major media issues and events.

Analysis and commentary about spinned journalism and politics. Cuts through the propaganda. Compiled by Andrew R. Cline, PhD, a former journalist and current adjunct professor of English at Park University, Kansas City, MO. An emphasis on U.S. Presidential politics.

Press Clips
News commentary provided by Cynthia Cotts in the Village Voice.

Michael Getter
The ombudsman for the Washington Post, writing about the paper from a reader’s point of view.
News and commentary about online journalism. Weblog updates, top headlines and e-media tips.

Media Mix
Peter Johnson writes about “insight and observations into how the media handles the news” in USA Today. Runs weekly.

Steve Johnson
The thoughtful media reviewer for the Chicago Tribune. He loves The Sopranos.

Off the Record
A Media and Society column in the weekly New York Observer.

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