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Updated: February 25, 2004

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Rolling Stone
Cover story and features from the print magazine, the king of rock ‘n roll zines.

New Music Box
Current information about composers, trends, and new releases. Features the New Music Jukebox, an online library and listening room. Site sponsored by American Music Center.

The Book of Zines
“ A little bit of everything” from the world of e-zines.

A place to “compare different points of view about current events” by reading material selected from print and electronic sources. Topics changed monthly.

grist magazine
“ Doom and gloom with a sense of humor”. Environmental news with a fresh perspective. The May 22 edition carried a story on sturgeon fishing in Wisconsin.

Science News Online
A weekly science news magazine with feature articles, e-mail alerts, and timelines. Coming soon: Science News for Kids.

News and trends with analysis by first-rate reporters (Howard Fineman and Debra Rosenberg are examples) and columnists (Robert Samuelson stands out). Online version has web exclusives, live talks with editors, and regular columns by Jonathan Alter and Eleanor Clift).

A premier online magazine with news and feature articles that break news and set trends. Intelligent book reviews, a sane look at sex, and "spirited" forums. A bonus: Salon Personals Catch of the Day features a gorgeous person who is perfect in every way. One can dream.

The New England Journal of Medicine
Pre-eminent source of medical research news.

Keep up with national politics, sports and technology. Get your daily dose of Doonesbury as well.

Business Week Online
Trends in business and technology, profiles of industry leaders and their companies, and the effects of politics on the business economy. The best way to keep abreast of national and international business and industry news.

Insight on the News
An online magazine with a cover story but also daily updates and a news ticker. Traditional content includes national and world news, feature articles and editorials. Online features include discussion forums, e-mail to the editor and a free e newsletter.

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

Magazines aimed at Women Readers

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