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Updated: June 4, 2003

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Learn to Play Music


Instrumental Music Resource Page
This is a good site for parents and students. Dan Traugh gives a lot of good advice.

Music Lessons Online
Here is an evolving list of music lessons available on the Internet.

World Wide Learn
Interested in playing a dulcimer, the bagpipes, or Hawaiian slack key guitar? Check out this site that offers lessons on some off-beat instruments. Not all sites listed offer free lessons.


Clarinet Website Index
Anne Bell's website is rich with information for beginners to experts.


Drum Lessons Database
DrumBum is a percussion resource for players and music educators of over 400 free lessons.

Surf RhythmWeb for the best on the Web regarding the world of rhythm and percussion based music -- jazz, funk, blues, R&B, cajun music, reggae, african pop and folk styles, samba, candombe, doumbek, tonbak, frame drums like daf, riq, tar, kanjira, bodhran, water bottle, coffee can, you name it...


ActiveBass is a "Do-It-Yourself" website. You can create a bass line and show in a lesson with tab and music, you can build an on-line jam track and e-mail it to your friends, write a review of a CD you've been listening to and more.

Guitar Notes
Guitar Notes is an extensive collection of links and information, which includes your favorite guitarists, guitar instruction for all levels, guitar chords and tablature, guitar makers, guitar stores, guitar equipment information, and hundreds of other online guitar resources.

OLGA - On-Line Guitar Archive
Search a library of files that have been sent in by Internet users since 1992. OLGA is a collection of chords, tablature, and lyrics for thousands of songs, currently over 32,000 chord/tab files. It also contains lessons, chord charts, software, information on building guitars, and many links to other guitar-related Web sites.

Online Guitar Chord Dictionary
This unusual site helps you identify guitar chords by name, extension, inversion, position of the chord, using letters or visual representation.

WholeNote: The Online Guitar Community
"WholeNote is a place where all the some-time, full-time, part-time, and not-enough-time guitarists can go to grok musical knowledge and contribute what they know to their fellow players." There are over 1,600 lessons on the site.


HarmonicaLinks and HarmonicaLessons
These sites provide lessons for beginners through techniques for accomplished players.

Harmonica Game
Learn to play harmonica using software.

MusicPlay, or Mr. Land's Opus, was inspired by the film Mr. Holland's Opus. Learn to play piano with interactive lessons that include audio examples and self tests.

The instructor for the course is film composer and jazz musician, Clinton Clark. Each lesson takes about 35 minutes to complete. Work slowly and at your own pace. Beginning with Lesson Number 5, this course uses audio, with the Apple QuickTime(TM) plugin, and 4.0 browser enhancements including JavaScript.

Writing Songs

Songwriter's Guide
Marc Kuchner, a lyrics writer, share advise in his Songwriter's Guide and links to other helpful sites.

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