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Updated: May 20, 2004

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Rock Music

Local and Regional Scene:

Eonline -- Music Festivals
It's a handy way to find festivals by month, type of music and region.
This free, not-for-profit Web-based network for Madison, Wisconsin and surrounding communities helps area musicians find each other, buy and sell gear, and stay informed of local and national music opportunities.
Content includes a statewide events calendar -- great for finding festivals, fairs, and events where local and regional bands play.

The Scene
What is going on in the Fox Valley? Club calendar? Events? .
This high school is a good resource for concert listings and links to band sites.

Music Stores:

Other Interesting Sites:

Rockbites Alternative Daily is an independent, not for profit Web site providing daily underground music news as a thinly veiled ploy to raise money for human rights charities. "Or maybe we’re a fledgling, grass-roots human rights organization unnaturally obsessed with noisy rock and roll."

Rock and Roll Hall of Frame
A fun site about rock and roll with an abundance of information.

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