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Updated: March 16, 2004

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Customs & Culture

Traditional Herbal &Plant Knowledge
Herbal and non-traditional medicines are a popular choice these days. This is a great site to research Native American medicinal practices. With this page comes a warning, incorrect use or incorrect plant identification can lead to poisoning or death. Do not practice herbal medicine without proper education.

Native Recipes
Always wanted to make fried yucca plant but never had a recipe? Have an abundance of acorns and want to use them for cooking? Well this is the site for you! Look here for hundreds of Native American recipes. Includes recipes for wild rice, venison, frybread and much more!

Native Totems
Does your knowledge of totem poles consist of scenes from old movies, where restless natives worshipped scary looking monsters carved out of tall wooden poles? If so, it's about time you learned the truth about totem poles and what part they play in Native American culture!

Native Clothing
This site covers many aspects of Native culture. You will find information on clothing styles, beadwork, stonework, games, and much more.

Native American Lore Index
Index of over 100 examples of Indian legend and lore.

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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