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Updated: 23 December, 2004

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Boating Life
This online counterpart to Boating Life Magazine features articles, tips and boat reviews geared to the recreational boater. Check here for trip ideas, tips on boating safety and suggestions on vehicles to tow your boat.

Boating in Wisconsin
Get boating registration info, safety tips, boating ordinances, and info on theft prevention from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. You can now even renew your boat registration online.

Boating Knots
If you don't know a buntling hitch from a constrictor knot, you need to visit this site. Separate sections for other knots for fishing, paddling, and miscellaneous outdoor stuff are included.

The Boating Channel
This web site is the companion to a new TV network. Get the latest on the America's Cup, marine science, port conditions or boat show schedules.

Boating Safety
Boating safety information from Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine. These articles include hints and advice on ways to safely enjoy boating in Wisconsin. Also useful is Boating Safety from the United States Coast Guard and the National Safe Boating Council.

Boating News
Everything you ever wanted to know about boating. News items, classified ads, boating announcements, gear and much much more. The news section is particularly comprehensive, if you're interested in learning about the latest developments in boating.

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