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Updated: 23 December, 2004

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Wisconsin Speleological Society
If you're a new caver, or interested in finding out what it's all about, your best bet is to link up with an established caving organization. You can learn all about caving from the WSS, and join on trips. There are two chapters in Wisconsin - one in Green Bay and the other in Madison, and you can contact them here.

How do I... go Caving?
An attractive page with excellent information for the beginning caver.

National Speleological Society
The National Speleological Society in Huntsville, Alabama is an enormous caving association with over 12,000 members worldwide. Visit here to learn more about their activities, which include mapping, cleaning and gating sensitive caves. Don't forget to check out their caving events list, which includes seminars and other educational and fun caving activities.

GORP: Caving
Trips, books, videos, magazines, caving by region, clubs, and more. Note: a free registration is required to access content at this site.

The Virtual Cave
For all of the armchair cavers out there, this site offers descriptions and photographs of beautiful and unique mineral deposits. A virtual cave map allows you to put these deposits into the context of a simulated cave.

Speleology Servers on the Web
A gateway to tons of caving information, including discussion lists, events, web sites (by country), related topics, and people.

Glossary of Speleological and Caving Terms
Enormous glossary of caving terms, definitions and references, from the Australian Speleological Federation.

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More interesting sites you might want to try.

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