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Updated: 22 December, 2004

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This site isn't fancy, but it has a ton of information for the climbing enthusiast. If you're finding it hard to navigate the site, try the navigation page for a list of possible topics. Lots of gear information, including patterns for making your own, weather information, driving directions, trip reports and more!

Climbing Central
This site is dedicated to rock and ice climbing in the Midwest. (Fox Valley residents may want to check out the link to Dairyland Expeditions listed here.)

Climbing Dictionary
New to climbing and need help with the terminology? This is the site for you! It even includes the terms translated into several other languages. You may also want to check out the Ropers Knots Page to make sure you don't fall off the side of a cliff. (Be patient, images of knots make this page slow to load.)

Climbing FAQ
Originally from the rec.climbing list serve, here are answers to many, many climbing questions. Questions from beginners, gear reviews, safety, top-roping and much, much more. Keep in mind that the people who are answering the questions may not, themselves, be experts. However, if you use this as a source of additional information, there are lots of ideas here. If you have a climbing question to ask, you might want to try AllExperts Rock Climbing.

North American Classic Climbs
The images may take a while to load, but this site is worth the wait. Trip reports, images and route diagrams for classic climbs are included.

Simply the best place to go for climbing info! Not only can you find a ton of links to sites covering where to climb, equipment, clubs, and instructional info, but you can also find great photo essays of climbs others have done and editorials on the latest climbing issues.

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More interesting sites you might want to try.

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