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Updated: 23 December, 2004

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General Outdoors Resources

Adventure Network
This site not only looks cool, it is cool! Tons of information on everything from camping to first aid to adventure travel. It even provides glossaries, so you can understand the site's lingo.

Great Outdoor Recreation Pages
Choose from attractions, activities, locations, eclectia, forums, features and the marketplace. My new favorite location on this site is Gorp's Top Ten - 39 different lists of the editor's picks for a wide variety of outdoor experiences.

Outside Online
The online version of Outside Magazine, this site is devoted to all things outdoors. Of particular interest are the well researched buyers guides, and in-depth explorations of destinations worldwide. The site has been recently designed - so you may want to check out the new look. Don't overlook the articles. There is hilarious story fromBill Bryson about traveling in Australia, The (Seriously, Truly, Very) Fatal Shore.

Sierra Club
he Sierra Club has a strong focus on protecting the environment and teaching about the environment. Check out their site for the latest environmental news and information. Click here to access the John Muir Chapter (Wisconsin).

If you're planning to travel, and want to find the best in outdoor recreation while you're away, here's a great place to start planning your trip. Just click on the state, and Wildernet lists an overview of recreational opportunities and links to specific places. Wildernet concentrates on over 30 activities, including camping, hiking, fishing, mountain biking, etc.

American Field Guide from PBS
"Immerse yourself in the great outdoors without ever leaving your desk." Sound appealing? PBS has made it all possible. They've collected over 1400 video clips that allow you to experience America's wilderness from your computer. Want to see the sturgeon spawning on the Wolf River? How about watching the Buffalo roam in Badlands National Park? It's all here and much, much more. Give it a try!

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Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

Books and Articles

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