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Updated: June 28, 2004

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General Politics Resources

A nonpartisan guide to American politics, with links to all states, calendars, headlines, and more.

Librarian's Index to the Internet: Politics
An index to websites on politics.
A leading nonpartisan source of poltical news.

Center for Politics
Noted political scientist Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia created this site, which is dedicated to the study of politics. Features include historical information, current analysis, and "Crystal Ball" election forecasts.

Project Vote Smart
Provides information on political leaders, including biographies, issues, voting records, campaign finances, and evaluations by special interest groups.
The online source for data on money in politics.

Political Resources on the Net
Provides listings of political sites sorted by country, with links to parties, organizations, governments, media, and more.

This Nation: The American Government and Politics Portal
A comprehensive guide to American government and politics, providing a "text book" for introductory courses at university and secondary levels.

Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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