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Updated: 26 oct 2004

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Astronomy and Physics

General Resources

Mars Rover project
Stay completely up to date with this NASA site! Great sections for kids, educators and the technology behind the exploration. Don't miss the awesome QuickTime videos of takeoff and entry!

Nordly Northern Lights
The who what where when of the Northern Lights written by the people who know, faculty at the University of Oslo, Norway, and the Andøya Rocket Range.

Voyager at the end of the Solar System
Voyager's 26 years of travel will soon reach the end of our solar system. This website from NASA details what may happen when the milestone is reached. The site includes Quicktime movie simulations.

Enrico Fermi & the Manhattan Project
From the U of Chicago this website detailing the Manhattan project including collections from the university archives.

The sky this month
In addition to checking out the most active solar flares recorded in recent history, here is a night by night guide to the activities in the skies from the Morrison Planetarium. This site includes moon phases, star visibility times, sunrises and sets - its a calendar!

The Galileo Project
After 14 exciting years for NASA, Galileo came to an end Sept. 14, 2003 as it disintegrated into Jupiter's atmosphere. Read all about it here!

Explore MarsNow
Interactive Mars website that depicts life on Mars- in possible 10 years! Winner of the SciTech Webby 2003 award!

Institute of Physics
The IOP is a professional society which "promotes the advancement and dissemination of a knowledge of and education in the science of physics, pure and applied." A valuable site for professionals.

Physics Central
Ask a physics question and find or get an answer on this page. Professionals in the field provide tons of info and an easily navigated site.

AstroWeb is a great physics/astronomy site. Categorized by subject, this site is easy to use and contains a wealth of information.

Relativity Tutorial
General concepts of the theory of relativity explained by The University of California Los Angeles Division of Astronomy and Astrophysics professor Edward Wright. Hey, even I got it this time around!

Devoted to women, the March issue of Physics World 2002 (no, its not outdated) focuses on the lack of women in the field. The editorial is entitled: Physics needs women. The best links are in the related stories section.

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space
Planet tours, space images archive, Mars exploration page...its all here for every age group. Don't let the "students for science" title keep you from checking out this great site from the University of Arizona!

Genesis mission
Follow the mission of Genesis, launched August 8. The mission is to collect pieces of the sun, called solar wind. Read all about it, impress your friends with your desire to learn and know about the universe! The mission will last two years.

Just NASA Sites - from the people who really know this stuff!

NASA Space Link
The "Aeronautics and Space Resource since 1988" this is the NASA clearinghouse for educational materials. Its easy to use and all located in once place.

Planetary Fact Sheets
Finally, a one-stop site for all facts planetary.

Earth Observatory
Another cool site from NASA, earth observatory, features current news stories, images of almost every possible weather phenomena and other data that is unlike any other site.

Space movies cinema
Thirty four movies cover the history of NASA space exporation. A short ditty accompanies each flick.

Astrobiology at NASA: exploring the living universe
Wowza, there is so much to this site! Packed full of images, latest news updates, and live expeditions, it is almost too much to absorb. Living up to NASA standards this site is a gold mine.

International NASA SpaceStation
Stay on top of the activities of the SpaceStation with this NASA site.

NASA'S Planetary Photojournal
Almost 200 images from various Solar System programs from NASA. This site is arranged with "clickable" graphic planets. Choose your planet, spacecraft, click, and thumbnails with options to enlarge images appear.

GRIN : great images in NASA
A new image collection from NASA that includes over 1000 historical events. This is one HUGE database that is searchable by keyword, subject and NASA center by location.

Hubble hubble toil and trouble
Just when you thought there could be no more Hubble here is the site you have been awaiting! The site provides a general and simple explanation of the famous telescope. Also check out additional astronomy sites from the company that designed the Hubble, STSCI the Space Telescope Science Institute. (the site takes a bit to connect, please wait.)

Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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