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Updated: 30 sept 2004

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The BioCrawler website focuses on biology and is maintained by the German company, BioFacts. The directory currently indexes approximately one million pages. Searching can be done by either a directory or search box. Features of the site include relevancy percentages, page rankings and summaries. All pages include date and time of last update for those looking for the most current bio information.

Biological Servers on the Web
An English version of a site from the Universite Aix in Marseille, France, this site boasts bibliographies, databases, tutorials and additional links in biology.

AP Biology
An online resources for high school students taking AP Bio based on Neil Campbell's _Biology_ (5th edition) . You must have PowerPoint to view the slide shows. Also check out AP Biomes from Irondequoit High School.

Microbe World
Sponsored by the American Society for Microbiology, Microbe World features learning activities, guides to microbes and additional resources for further investigation.

MicrobeLibrary is "a searchable portal providing a peer reviewed, web-based collection of resources about the microbial world." The site is divided into four sections: visual resources, curriculum resources, articles and review.
A multi-level portal for microbiology studies.

Human body

Atlas of the body
From the AMA comes this comprehensive site for definitions, diagrams and images for all the human body. A great tool for kids trying to learn about body systems.

Becoming human
Becoming human is a vast site, based on the documentary so please allow for a good connection and spend some time investigating what this site has to offer. You will need Macromedia 5 which you can download from the site and 64 mg RAM to run the view the documentary piece.

The Living Skeleton
Great info on the skeletal system from images to factoids.

Muscle Physiology
An comprehesive site for studying the human muscle structure. Well organized and searchable.

All about brains- for kids and teachers. If you can tolerate fast-paced screen changes, there is a lot of information on this site.

Medical gross anatomy
An online tutorial of human anatomy. The site includes questions at the end which, when properly answered, allow the user to move to the next module.

Way cool surgery
View open heart surgery through the miracle of video clips at this cool site. Even if you don't view the clips there is good information about owning a healthy, happy heart. Its a must see for all ages except elementary K-5.


International Plant Names Index
In a combined effort, the Royal Botanic Gardens, Harvard University Herbaria and the Austrailian National Herbarium come this unique database of seed plants. Searchable by plant name, article author, publications and collectors. Also check out Brooklyn Botanical Gardens searchable database.

Leaf structure in plants can be a difficult search on the Internet - fear no more, everything has been included in this great website from Department of Horticulture at Penn State University.

New York Botanical Gardens International Plant Center
Plants databases and online research information make this site a must-see if you are into plant diversity.

Plant Image Gallery
The plant image gallery, a webpage of Thomas Schoepke of the Institute of Pharmacy at Greifswald University, contains over 2000 pictures of plants native to Europe, Costa Rica, and the Galapagos Isalnds. The index is arranged alphabetically by the Latin plant name.


Everything you wanted to know abouts ants just got easier to find! From identification to diversity of habitat!

Beetle Science
From Cornell University comes this cool all things beetle site! Everything you wanted to know!

What is photosynthesis?
From Arizona State University, the Center for Study of Early Events in Photosynthesis, this link connects you to an enormous resource just about photosynthesis. From weblinks to answering questions like, "Why do leaves turn color in fall?" this resource will amaze and assist you in answering most questions and in locating additional resources on this huge topic!

Ask a Biologist
Ask questions, do experiments and link to other sites about microbiology and plant biology.

World biomes
Can you name the five earth biomes? If you cannot (or even if you can) check out this site! Low on images the site loads quickly! Also see, All about nature: Biomes.

An online database of amphibian biology and conservation from UC-Berekely, still under development, but currently includes 137 species accounts from around the world.

Fish FAQ's
Answers to all your fish and oceanography questions, this site features images, online resources, and additional marine links.

All about fishes, this relational database allows searching by common name, scientific name, family name and includes a glossary. Also available is searching by country, topic and maps. Also check out this fish database for additional searches.

Journal of Biology
Read this new full-text online journal. Articles and commentaries can be viewed by abstract, full text, or in Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format for printing. the search function allows users to search not only this journal, but also the entire BioMed Central and PubMed collections.

Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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