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Updated: 30 sept 2004

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Chemistry Labguide
The quintessential helper- don't do your homework without it!

All about Chemical Bonding
A really comprehensive tutorial on chemical bonding- the content is excellent!
From the American Chemical Society, hosted by the AMA, this website offers many resources for the science professional and/or educator. Registration is free for creating a "My" page where you can customize your preferences and subscribe to an online newsletter.

ChemFinder is an Internet-based chemical search engine. The interface allows the user to input a chemical name, CAS number, molecular weight, or molecular formula and find Web sites that reference that chemical. The site is general in nature.

Links for Chemists
Indexing more that 8700 chemistry resources on the web, this site is enormous and a wealth of information for researchers and professionals. If only the frames would go away...

ChemSpy offers some great tutorials for high school to college level chemistry students. The site is a great portal to a ton of chemistry resources.

Substance Registry
Providing information to over 70,000 chemicals and how they are represented in the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations and data systems this database can be searched by name, chemical abstracts service (CAS) number, or keyword/identifier.

Visual Interpretation of the Elements
In-depth graphical presentation of the periodic chart. Images are a bit slow to load.

Periodic table of comic books
Clicking on periodic table elements brings up a page of comic book issues that involve that particular element. Its way cool and you can learn about elements too!

Organic chemistry resources worldwide
Yikes, this site is HUGE. Abstracts, indexes, journals, patents, dissertations...check it out!

Dave's equation balancer
This is an easy site to use and really works when you need help balancing a chemical equation!


Roadside Attractions
More interesting sites you might want to try.

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