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Updated: 25 june 2004

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Field Notes for Chemistry

From chemical images to the periodic table, there are many websites that offer unique perspectives on chemistry.

From the University of California, Berkeley comes this Chemistry intro course webpage. There is a virtual lab with instruction, appendices with basic information for non-chemistry students, conversion tips and statistical analysis how-tos. Additional link resources are also included.

Brand new in the field of chemistry web publishing is this site from ChemWeb. Papers are voluntarily submitted by authors in the field and available as .pdf files. This permanent archive is available for free but registration is required.

If chemistry homework is getting you down and you need answers NOW, check out General Chemistry Online. This site contains a searchable glossary of 900 compunds, tutorials, a toolbox, FAQ's to common chemistry questions and a great resource page to additional websites if you need more information. All links on this site are checked monthly so users can be assured of few deadlinks.

From the Arizona State Libraries, Science Reference Room is an index to selected resources in chemical, physical, thermodynamic, mechanical, toxicological, and safety data. This is a huge searchable resource currently under construction!

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