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Updated: 25 june 2004re Science
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Field Notes for K-12 Science

Science for all ages! While focusing on sites that kids will enjoy, this guidepost will also feature sites for educators and parents to enhance science knowledge for all age groups.

Special news alert- science fair projects!

SuperScience Fair Projects

Exploratorium Science Fair Pages

Science Project Primer

New from the CDC (Center for Disease Control) comes BAM, Body and Mind a new website to teach kids about health issues. An interactive way to improve awareness of health issues and topics for kids

MadSciNet is a comprehensive science answer site from the Washington University Medical School. If you can stand the hodgepodge of colors the site contains a lot of useful info about science, finding science info on the web, and answering basic questions like why is the sky blue in the FAQs section!

EDHelper.Com contains lesson plans and worksheets covering the life sciences, physical sciences, agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, and technology. The site also provides links to WebQuest, an inquiry-oriented activity in which learners gain information by accessing resources on the Web. WebQuests provide a question to answer or problem to solve, along with directions to Web sites that students or teams of students can use to complete their task.

What's that stuff? is a site from the American Chemical Society that tells you when stuff was discovered, how it is made, and the chemical structure of the substance. The site contains weird stuff like Cheez Whiz, Silly Putty- stuff you really do want to know how it is made.

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