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Updated: 29 dec 2004

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K-12 Science

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Cool Sites for Kids of a General Nature

Silly Putty U
Everyone wants to goof around with Silly Putty! Check out the science of Silly Putty but keep in mind its still a commercial site!

Backyard Nature
Check out the fun new site that has a great list of "101 nature-oriented things you can do this spring"! Its FUN!

Try Science
From the New York Hall of Science, TryScience is an interactive educational Web site that provides fun, engaging and stimulating learning material. Site includes lots of webcams, experiments and field trips!

MadSciNet is a comprehensive science answer site from the Washington University Medical School. If you can stand the hodgepodge of colors the site contains a lot of useful info about science, finding science info on the web, and answering basic questions like why is the sky blue in the FAQs section!

PSIGate Timeslines
Timelines for astronomy, chemistry, earth sciences, physics and an overall science timeline. Accompanying links are a little confusing because you are dropped into a subject search, but still check it out!

EarthCams for Kids
This site is what its title says! Search by subject for webcams all over the world!

All about seasons- this is a great site!


Animals A-Z
Zoo animal facts galore from the people at the Oakland Zoo!

New from the BBC a great all- in- one- search webpage for animals and animal reports!

Animal Diversity Web
Please don't be put off by the scientific names on this website. If you start with the pictures on the left of the webpage and click on an animal group you can then go to the common name. The site features a wealth of information on all species and is really worth a look.

BirdLife International
Detailed bird information, data zones, environmental issues for wildlife and people with searching by the world's countries. Check out the cute bird in your browser address bar when you get to the site!

Developed by PhD candidate, Jim Rosso, for teachers and students, birdcentral provides lessons plans, glossaries and an index to zoological themes about birds and their habitats.

Marine and Coastal
From the US Parks System comes information on coral reefs, marine wildlife, wetlands, and beaches. Contains lots of information, very general in nature.

Bat Conservation International
Get the real scoop on bats, probably more than you ever wanted to know! The site contains lots of photos and research on bat ecosystems, check it out.

A realyl neat site with clickable images ofr insects in the US and Canada!

The catchy name aside, don't mistake this site for a lightweight! Chocked full of great images and information from genus to habitat and bug habits, this site is comprehensive.


Planetary Fact Sheets
Finally, a one-stop site for all facts planetary, from NASA, the people who know this stuff!

Galileo's battle for the heavens
This webpage compliments the PBS series on Galileo, his life and his struggles to persuade the church to believe his discoveries. The interactives ask questions that allow the user to answer and require flash.

Center for Science Education
From the UC Berkeley Space Science Lab comes this cool space site. Choose from public, educator or scientist tabs, depending on your focus. Plan to spend some time, the site is almost as big as the solar system!

From our friends at NASA comes Astro-Venture an interactive multimedia activity for students in grades 5-8. The site focuses on building a planet using interdisciplinary skills from all the sciences.

Human Body

Open Heart
From the Columbus Medical Association Foundation comes this site with hands-on activities for visitors to "learn how the heart works, how the heart gets into trouble, what can be done to rescue it, and what you can do to keep your heart healthy." Its cool!

Virtual Body/Cuerpo Virtual
This site, in Spanish and English provides an overview of body functions. The site focuses on the brain, skeleton, heart, and digestive tract. Lots of interactive stuff.

Earth and Habitat

Learn about the tropical rain forest, tropical savanna, desert, Arctic tundra, deciduous forest, and subarctic taiga and their plants, animals, and climate. This site is part of the Exploring the Environment (ETE) online series from NASA's Classroom of the Future Program.

Along with National Geographic explore the habitat world. Great photos (are you surprised?) and interactive material!

What on Earth?
Take the earth quiz from NASA- learn some cool facts and impress your friends with what you have learned!

Antarctica as an educational resource"
Focusing on Antarctica as a location to study biology, human impact on the environment and adaptation, this site offers a lot for kids and educators who want to know more about this interesting region of the world.

Cool Links for Educators

Educator's Reference Desk
AskEric's replacement, this site is filled with lesson plans, subject detail and a question/answer archive!

The Gateway to Educational Materials
The title page says it all. 100% comprehensive for your daily recommendation of Internet resources!

Science Guides
Teachers, don't miss this newly revised portal site from the NSTA. The site is easiest navigated from the browse dropdown boxes by grade level or concept.

Amazing environmental organization webdirectory
You asked for it- here it is! The largest environmental search engine yet created! Arranged by large subject categories and then reduced to smaller, more manageable categories the site it very comprehensive.

Views of the solar system
High quality photos and lesson plans make this an invaluable site for educators. From scientist Calvin J. Hamilton.

Community science action guides
For educators, this site provides activities that involve students in science in conjunction with their communities. The homepage is set up by level and subject. A really neat resource for teachers.

K-12 at UW-Madison
This site, "enables teachers, parents, students, and anyone else interested in kindergarten through 12th-grade education to browse through the hundreds of resources available to them at UW-Madison." While very broad in nature the site is browseable by subject, title, grade level and professional development categories. Check out the inter-disciplinary science pages!

Gender & Diversities Institute
A joint effort between the Gender & Diversities Institute and the Eisenhower National Clearinghouse, this site is a new effort to create a digital library that raises awareness and shares teaching methods for K-12 educators interested in gender. The site is also looking for teachers who are willing to share resources they have developed to address gender issues.

Center for Science Education
From the UC Berkeley Space Science Lab comes this cool space site. Choose from public, educator or scientist tabs, depending on your focus. Plan to spend some time, the site is almost as big as the solar system!

Did you ever Wonder?
An interesting site from the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Did you ever wonder? takes complex scientific and technical questions and answers them with the help of scientists. Questions change monthly.

The Teacher's Resource Center
Developed by the American Chemical Society, the ChemCom Web site "acts as a gathering place for teachers to exchange information and files with each other". The site contains lesson plans and worksheets written for secondary school students and is divided into eight units each of which revolve around a societal question that requires knowledge of chemistry to answer.

Acres of Insects
For high school teachers, examining insects as model organisms, the Web site examines the complexities involved with the world's food supply. Two long term research projects including lesson plans are the main focus.

USGS Learning Web
Dedicated to K-12 education the Learning Web offers online lesson plans, activities, tutorials (some downloadable and printable in .pdf), and links to references dealing with interdisciplinary studies of natural science. Because its so comprehensive the site can be difficult to navigate so allow time and multiple visits to aquaint yourself!

SEGway is the Science Education Gateway. This site is a collaborative NASA project that brings together scientists, educators and science museums to produce space science curricula for classroom and public use. Organized by grade level and content standards, this site is a must-see.

Cornell Math and Science Gateway
This gateway from the Cornell Department of Education, features educational and curricular links for educators and students in grades 9-12. Arranged by subject matter, the site also features an Ask-an-Expert questions form, newsletters, funding opportunities and history and literature connections to science.

National Science Foundation- Teacher Resources
From the National Science Foundation, this site features teacher resources in life sciences, mathematics, space sciences, earth sciences, other sciences, science television and general sites. A plethora of information!

Eisenhower National Clearinghouse for Mathematics and Science Education
Education reform efforts from the Department of Education.

Electronic Journal of Science Education
A peer-reviewed quarterly e-journal for science educators teaching K-16.

Multimedia materials for classroom teachers arranged by topic and by video format in series. This is an extensive resource available to search in keyword, topic, or media format.

Jason Project
Under the direction of explorer Robert Ballard, the Jason Project is a unique educational opportunity for your students. This page is your link to current Jason projects, how to be an interactive site for the project, and how to link online with explorations.

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More interesting sites you might want to try.

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