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Updated: 18 February, 2004

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Field Notes: Space Weather. Solar activity is very high and this site is a good source of current space weather.

Global Warming A project of the Green House Network which seeks to educate and unite business, government and citizens in the effort to stablize the earth's climate and end global warming.

Wisconsin Trail Mix
Did you know about these Wisconsin web sites?

National Weather Service Green Bay
KGRB The National Weather Service office in Green Bay provides information on watches and warnings, current weather forecasts, and climate data for the area. Green Bay and Wausau climate reports are updated daily.

Wisconsin State Climatology Office
The State Climatology in Madison answers over 4,000 calls, letters and email messages each year on a variety of topics. Their specialty is historical Wisconsin data, so if you can not find the information you need on the Web or at your local library, give them a call (or email).

Weather Channel -- Wisconsin
A to Z list of hundreds of Wisconsin cities from the Weather Channel. Includes current conditions, seven day forecasts, and local radar.

Wisconsin State Information from IWIN
Hourly reports, climate summaries, warnings and advisories from the National Weather Service - Interactive Weather Information Network (IWIN).

Wisconsin Storm Events
Ever wonder how many times since 1950 Outagamie County had hail larger than one inch? With this cool database from National Climate Center you find the answer to that and other fascinating storm related issues.

Space Science and Engineering Center
Part of the University of Wisconsin - Madison Graduate School, the SSEC provides an excellent collection of Real-Time Satellite Images and interesting weather related News and Information.

100 Years of Wisconsin Weather
An article from the December 1996 issue of Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine detailing temperature and precipitation trends in the state.

Midwestern Climate Center
Well, it's not located in Wisconsin, but provides a lot of weather information about the area. The Current Climate Conditions page has a number of interesting maps for regional precipitation, temperature, and snowfall.

Tornadoes of Wisconsin
"A photo and essay guide to some of the more interesting tornadoes in Wisconsin over the past 100 years."

Some other interesting Wisconsin weather pages

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