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Updated: November 2, 2004

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Grammar & Punctuation

Writer's Handbook: Grammar & Punctuation
From the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Wondering when to use a comma and when to use a semicolon? You'll find tips here to help with punctuation and grammar rules.

American Heritage Book of English Usage
Can't remember when to use lay and when to use lie? Enter a search to find the answer or select from the list below the search box.

Guide to Grammar & Writing
Select from word & sentence, paragraph, or essay & research levels. The Frequently Asked Questions page will also come in handy for looking up those rules we all forget (affect vs. effect, lie vs. lay, etc.).

Common Errors in English
This easy to understand and comprehensive guide will keep you from making language blunders. Select a section from the alpha index or scan the list of errors to find the one that perplexes you.

The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
Learn the rules, then test your knowledge with some exercises and tests. Try out the Punctuation Table of Contents.

The Armchair Grammarian
"Everything you've ever wanted to know about English grammar and punctuation."

Grammar, Punctuation, and Spelling
From Purdue's Online Writing Lab. Great explanations and exercises to practice what you have learned.

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More interesting sites you might want to try.

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